Red-Skinned Potato Salad with Spring Onions

This French-style red-skin potato salad with spring onions relies on a tangy vinaigrette to dress perfectly-cooked creamy potatoes, piquant spring onions, hard-boiled eggs and loads of fresh herbs. Mayonnaise-based potato salads have their place, but

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Hands serving potato salad from a big serving plate of red-skinned potato salad with spring onions onto two smaller side plates on a tableA large serving platter piled with potato salad covered in spring onions and spring herbs

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close-up of several chicken thighs in a cast iron skillet, coated in a garlic ginger soy sauce
December 2, 2022

Garlic Ginger Soy Braised Chicken

Juicy chicken thighs braised in a garlicky, umami, sweet and savoury sauce with a bit of heat from ginger and sriracha. This garlic ginger soy braised chicken is a fast, easy main for weeknight dinners and freezer-friendly. The cooking is almost ...

A tray of carnitas nachos
November 13, 2022

Pork Carnitas Nachos with Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Juicy shredded pork slow-cooked in its own fat in the oven. Just as easy as in the instant pot, and so much better! Layered with tortilla chips, tangy tomatillo salsa and a mountain of cheese. These carnitas nachos are a perfect crowd-pleasing

Three differently shaped glass jars filled with tomatillo salsa surrounded by fresh tomatillos in husks and green chilis
November 2, 2022

Tomatillo Green Chili Salsa

Fresh, tangy & spicy with a bit of crunch, this raw tomatillo green chili salsa (salsa verde) is perfect for when you want a salsa with bright fresh flavors and a crunchy texture without too much liquid to use as a dip on its own or as a topping for

close up of a chicken tinga tostada from the side with a few more tostadas in the background

Chicken Tinga Tostadas

Moist shredded chicken bathed in a smoky chipotle-tomato sauce, spooned over crisp tostada shells on a layer of creamy refried beans; garnished with cabbage, white onion, jalapenos and sour cream. This tinga recipe does double duty:


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