Best Vegetables for Vertical Gardening

From pole beans to tomatoes to climbing spinach, find out how and why to grow these ideal vegetables for vertical gardening. Get basic growing tips, vertical structure suggestions and variety recommendations.

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Newly planted vegetable garden with cucumbers and tomatoes planted vertically on trellises pole bean flowers and vines climbing up a trellis

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Cascading striped cavern tomatoes on a trellis
January 16, 2024

Beginners Guide to Choosing the Best Tomato Varieties for your Garden

There are thousands of tomato varieties available for home gardeners - from color, shape and size to determinate vs indeterminate and heirloom. If you’re a beginner to growing tomatoes, this guide will help you make the best choices for your garden.

A bowl of sauteed butternut squash rice topped with pumpkin seeds and crispy fried shallots
January 3, 2024

Sautéed Butternut Squash Rice

Golden brown toasted rice and caramelized cubes of sautéed butternut squash seasoned with garlic, sage and thyme; between a fried rice and a cozy fall side-dish. Serve with a holiday meal, chicken or fish - or put an egg on top and make it a main.

Three meatball sliders in Hawaiian rolls on a cutting board

Hawaiian Roll Meatball Sliders

Juicy meatballs, melty cheese & marinara sauce layered inside soft, buttery & sweet Hawaiian rolls topped with herb butter. These oven-baked, pull-apart Hawaiian roll meatball sliders make the perfect party food or easy weeknight dinner.

Two bowls of green Thai curry on a table with a side of white rice
November 23, 2023

Thai Green Curry Prawn

A classic Southern Thai-style coconut-milk based curry, this spicy, fresh & vibrant Thai green curry prawn is loaded with spicy green chilis, Thai basil and prawns. Once the curry paste is prepared, the curry comes together lightening-fast.


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