Growing Tomatoes for Beginners

Learn how and when to select tomato seedlings, step-by-step instructions for planting tomato plants in the ground and basic care tips for watering, fertilizing, pruning and keeping your tomato plants healthy until harvest.

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Several red tomatoes on a vine A vegetable garden with a bed of tomatoes string trained up a foraged branch trellis

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A bowl of chicken tomatillo soup or green pozole surrounded by a small bowl of chopped red onion and a side of tortilla chips.
October 26, 2023

Chicken Tomatillo Soup (Green Pozole without Hominy)

Shredded chicken in a rich broth, a fresh and tangy verde sauce of charred tomatillos and chiles and nutty toasted pepitas, loaded with crunchy and creamy toppings like red onion, shaved cabbage, avocado and sour cream.

A bowl of spicy Korean cucumber salad sitting on the edge of a rustic table with a linen and pinch bowls of sesame seeds and gochugaru
October 17, 2023

Spicy Korean Cucumber Salad (Oi muchim)

A spicy Korean cucumber salad (oi muchim) of crisp chopped cucumbers tossed in a flavorful sweet & spicy, salty & tart dressing. Serve with Korean or Asian-inspired soups & stews, grilled or braised meats & fish or toss it into mixed rice or noodles.

a rustic table with a ceramic dish containing a white fish fillet topped with spring onions and pinch bowls of red chili
September 30, 2023

Cantonese Steamed Fish with Ginger and Spring Onion

An approachable take on a classic Cantonese steamed fish preparation that swaps the traditional whole fish for mild white fillets that are cooked gently in the vapors of a bamboo steamer alongside fragrant ginger until moist and just falling apart, c

three boxwood cuttings on a rock
August 21, 2023

Propagating Boxwood from Cuttings

Boxwood is a classic broadleaf evergreen shrub that’s deer resistant, hardy in zones 5-9 and can be grown in full sun to full shade. It’s an invaluable garden design element both for the winter interest of its evergreen foliage and the structure it l


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