Caramelized Honey Sriracha Brussels Sprouts

Crisp on the outside, tender but not mushy on the inside and coated with a sticky sweet and spicy glaze, these brussels sprouts are roasted till deeply caramelized with crunchy bits of charred shallots and garlic. These are an easy, versatile, mostly

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Hands using silver serving utensils to serve some brussels sprouts out of a pile of honey sriracha brussels sprouts on a serving platterIngredients for honey sriracha brussels sprouts - brussels sprouts, sriracha, honey, oil, salt and pepper, garlic, and scallions, all arranged in prep bowls on a wooden table

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Dill pickle hummus spread onto a black plate on a black background, garnished with dill fronds, chopped pickles and sesame seeds

Dill Pickle Hummus (Instant Pot)

This dill pickle hummus is airy, smooth and packed with briny dill flavor. The perfect snack for dill pickle lovers. A copy-cat version of an insanely good store-bought dill pickle chip hummus with all the benefits of made-from-scratch food.

Two beer battered fish sandwiches placed diagonally on a stool with a small dish of cherry tomato harissa relish on the side and a large jar of tahini sauce behind

Beer Battered Fish Sandwich with Tahini Sauce and Tomato Relish

Flaky, tender white fish surrounded by a crunchy but delicate beer batter served with a rich, garlicky tahini sauce with a big hit of lemon and a sticky, sweet and warmly spiced harissa tomato jam in a brioche bun.

A single black bowl filled with crispy rice, a runny fried egg, greens and avocado

Crispy Rice Bowl with Fried Eggs and Avocado

These crispy rice bowls with fried egg, avocado and quick sautéed greens drizzled with a soy ginger sauce and chili oil are an easy and healthy breakfast or brunch that can be scaled and customized to feed a crowd, or prepared in advance on Sunday fo

Platter of shrimp scampi in linguine with spinach
April 27, 2022

Shrimp Scampi with Spinach and Crispy Breadcrumbs

This shrimp scampi with spinach features silky strands of pasta coated in a rich shellfish butter-sauce with juicy marinated shrimp and crispy breadcrumbs. Dial up the seafood flavor by marinating the shrimp and using the shells to make the sauce.


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